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Courses offered in English

Both courses are offered as programme courses for LTH students (code FMIXXX) and as courses for students from any faculty (code TFRXXX).

The percentage number indicates part of full-time studies. A workload of 100% corresponds to 30 ETCS credits per semester.

The formal syllabi for the TFRXXX courses are identical with regard to learning outcomes, contents etc. The Admissions requirements are in principle the same, but “Assumed prior knowledge” is exchanged with a corresponding formally prescribed number of credits (any faculty).

If you have questions about the courses, please contact our course administrator: 

Petra Malmquist
+46 46-222 91 29

For exchange students

Please ask your coordinator at your home university for the link to our online application form.

Course overview

 Course titleAutumn
FMIF20/TFRF56 Environmental Issues 7.5  ECTS credits25% 

FMIN50/TFRP05 Environmental Issues, Project Course 7.5 ECTS credits

 0% ¦ 50%