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Händelö Eco-Industrial Park (HEIP) i Norrköping är ett samarbete mellan olika aktörer, både tillhörande offentlig sektor och industri, för att öka energi- och resurseffektivitet i detta industrikluster. Lovisa Harfeldt-Berg...[more]


Pål Börjesson has published a new paper on multifunctional biomass production together with colleagues, including former IMES-visiting researcher Oskar Englund. The article "Large-scale deployment of grass in crop rotations as a...[more]


Jamil Khan has a new article out, co-authored with Lorenzo Di Lucia (Chalmers) and Raphael Slade (Imperial College London). It has been published with open access in Nature Sustainability Science and is titled...[more]


Jamil Khan has a new article out, co-authored with Kajsa Emilsson, Max Koch, Håkan Johansson (School of Social Work, Lund University), Roger Hildingsson (Department of Political Science, Lund University) and...[more]


Together with colleagues from the Department of Economic History at Lund University, IMES researcher Fredric Bauer has published a new review paper on how emerging technologies can support the transition to a circular economy for...[more]


Eva Svensson Myrin together with colleagues Pål Börjesson and Karin Ericsson published an article in Cleaner Environmental Systems titled ”A case study on closed-loop recycling of co-polyester plates - Assessment of material...[more]


In 2021, the Swedish Government introduced a greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction mandate of 27% by 2030 for aviation fuel sold in Sweden, forcing fuel suppliers to blend in increasing amounts of biojet...[more]


Max Åhman together with Stefan Lechtenböhmer, Clemens Schneider and colleagues published a commentary in Nature Climate Change titled 'A climate club to decarbonize the global steel industry'. Abstract Decarbonizing global steel...[more]


The conference World Sustainable Energy Days includes the award for "Best Young Biomass Researcher" and this year's winner was Malin Pettersson with the paper "Enabling wood ash recycling to ensure sustainable forest...[more]


Alexandra Nikoleris is the first winner of the Lund University Agenda 2030 Award which aims to promote innovative and interdisciplinary research on sustainable development. Read more about the award and Alexandra's work in this...[more]


Lovisa Harfeldt together with colleagues Sarah Broberg at RISE and Karin Ericsson have published a new article in Sustainability. It is titled 'The importance of individual actor characteristics and contextual aspects for...[more]


Professor Lars J Nilsson has been appointed the role as scientific advisor on the new EU Scientific Advisory Board on Climate Change. "The Advisory Board will provide independent scientific advice on EU measures and climate...[more]


Lund University is hosting a web-based live event where André Månberger will take part and answer questions related to energy security and critical resources.The event takes place on Tuesday 5th of April at 11.30. Find more...[more]


André Månberger has contributed to the Handbook on the Sustainable Politics and Economics of Natural Resources, edited by Stella Tsani and Indra Overland, and published by Edward Elgar. The chapter is titled...[more]


Cristian Pons-Seres de Brauwer, a visiting PhD student at IMES, together with Jed J. Cohen, have co-written a chapter titled 'Citizen preferences for co-investing in renewable energy: An empirical exploration of the...[more]


Cristian Pons-Seres de Brauwer, who is a visiting PhD student at IMES, together with colleagues Elizabeth Côte, Mak Đukan and Rolf Wüstenhagen, have a new article out in Energy Policy. It is titled 'The price of actor...[more]


Malin Aldenius, together with colleagues Caroline Mullen and Fredrik Pettersson-Löfstedt, have a new article out, titled 'Electric buses in England and Sweden – Overcoming barriers to introduction'. It was published...[more]


We are glad to have a new book out, titled 'Decarbonising Economies', published in open access with Cambridge University Press. It is co-authored by Harriet Bulkeley (Durham University, Utrecht University), Johannes Stripple...[more]


On Friday 21 January (10am) Jens Portinson Hylander, PhD student at IMES, will defend his PhD thesis, titled "Constructing transit corridors: The politics of public transport policy and planning in Malmöhus and Skåne 1970 –...[more]


Pål Börjesson has a new project approved, titled 'The role of bioenergy to achieve energy and climate goals – an assessment of a changeable function in a dynamic energy system'. It is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency,...[more]

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