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Valentin Vogl has a new article published today in Joule, co-authored with Olle Olsson and Björn Nykvist from Stockholm Environment Institute. In the paper titled ‘Phasing out the blast furnace to meet global climate targets’,...[more]


Karin Ericsson has a new article out in Energies journal, titled 'Potential for the Integrated Production of Biojet Fuel in Swedish Plant Infrastructures'. Link to the article on the website of Energies Abstract Replacing...[more]


Is ethanol better for the climate than fossil fuels? See a true or false interview about ethanol with Pål Börjesson on SVT. Link to the interview on SVT's website[more]


Pål Börjesson has a new co-authored article out in Communications Earth & Environment, titled 'Strategic deployment of riparian buffers and windbreaks in Europe can co-deliver biomass and environmental...[more]


Jamil Khan and Bengt Johansson, together with Roger Hildingsson (Political Science, LU) have just published a new article in Environmental Policy and Governance, titled 'Strategies for greening the economy in three Nordic...[more]


Lars J Nilsson has a new article out in Energy and Climate Change journal, co-authored with Chris Bataille and Frank Jotzo. The article is titled 'Industry in a net-zero emissions world: New mitigation pathways, new supply...[more]


On Friday 15 October (from 10.15) Malin Aldenius defends her PhD thesis, titled 'Steering green buses – The opportunities and challenges of introducing renewable fuel in public transport'.  Malin's opponent is docent...[more]


Max Åhman, together with colleagues Julian Nowag and Luis Mundaca, have a new article out, titled 'Phasing out fossil fuel subsidies in the EU? Exploring the role of state aid rules'. It was published in Climate...[more]


On 26 August many of us got together to mark the beginning of the semester. We started from a tour of Brunnhögstorg, a new residential area under construction in Lund, which was followed by cakes, quiz and, finally, an...[more]


Nelly Garcia Gonzalez has a new co-authored article out in Green Chemistry journal, titled 'Biobased aliphatic polyesters from a spirocyclic dicarboxylate monomer derived from levulinic acid'. Link to the article on Green...[more]


Möjligheterna att integrera utvinning av bioolja i befintlig kraftvärmeproduktion har studerats i ett forskningssamarbete mellan LTH, Karlstads Universitet och Kraftringen Energi. Den 9 september 2021, kl. 10.00 - 11.30, kommer...[more]


As underlined by the recently published report by the first working group of the IPCC AR6, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced rapidly in all domains of our economies. Industrial policy in the twenty-first century must aim...[more]


Fredric Bauer, together with our former colleague Germain Fontenit, have a new article out in Energy Policy, titled 'Plastic dinosaurs – Digging deep into the accelerating carbon lock-in of plastics'. Read the abstract below and...[more]


Jamil Khan has, together with Hanna Björner Brauer (RISE), published a new article in Journal of Cleaner Production. It is titled 'Diffusion of biogas for freight transport in Sweden: A user perspective'. Read the abstract...[more]


André Månberger has a new article in Biophysical Economics and Sustainability, titled 'Reduced Use of Fossil Fuels can Reduce Supply of Critical Resources'. Abstract Previous research has identified that climate change...[more]


Joachim Peter Tilsted and co-authors have a new article in Ecological Economics, titled 'Accounting matters: Revisiting claims of decoupling and genuine green growth in Nordic countries'. Abstract Ecological...[more]


Fredric Bauer and Joachim Tilsted have co-authored a report for the Anthropocene Fixed Income Institute (AFII), together with T.D. Nielsen, A. Ostrovnaya and U. Erlandsson, titled 'Petrochemicals: Major credits, carbon risks,...[more]


Ellen Palm, together with colleagues Jacob Hasselbalch (Political Science, LU), Karl Holmberg (Political Science, LU) and Tobias Dan Nielsen (IVL), have a new article in Environmental Politics. It is titled 'Narrating plastics...[more]


Alexandra Nikoleris, together with colleagues Johannes Stripple and Roger Hildingsson (both from Political Science, Lund University), have just published an article in Politics and Governance journal. The article is...[more]


The Green Steel Tracker aims to support decision makers in policy and industry, academia as well as civil society, by tracking public announcements of low-carbon investments in the steel industry and presenting them transparently...[more]