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A new article in Energy Policy


Fredric Bauer, together with our former colleague Germain Fontenit, have a new article out in Energy Policy, titled 'Plastic dinosaurs – Digging deep into the accelerating carbon lock-in of plastics'. Read the abstract below and the full article on the journal's website.

Link to the full article(open access) 

The continued expansion of plastics production all over the world entrenches modern societies and life styles deeper in the dependence on fossil resources. A brand new research note by Fredric Bauer and Germain Fontenit develops the main aspects of the carbon lock-in in the plastics industry and how it extends into many aspects of contemporary life. The authors connect this increasing infrastructural lock-in to actions and strategies enacted by the industry to restrict regulations on the use of plastics and support specific consumer behaviour to uphold also an institutional and behavioural lock-in. The paper outlines the need for more extensive research on the plastics and petrochemical sectors, especially regarding data from Asian companies and activities in China in particular. The authors also points to areas of grave concern for new policy, aiming to reduce the high growth rate for the volumes of oil and gas that feed the industry as the current focus on plastic waste collection and recycling is insufficient.