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A new book with Cambridge University Press


We are glad to have a new book out, titled 'Decarbonising Economies', published in open access with Cambridge University Press.

It is co-authored by Harriet Bulkeley (Durham University, Utrecht University), Johannes Stripple (Political Science, Lund University), Lars J. Nilsson (IMES), Bregje van Veelen (Durham University), Agni Kalfagianni (Utrecht Universithy), Fredric Bauer (IMES) and Mariësse van Sluisveld (PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency). The book is a a result of the REINVENT Horizon 2020 project that was led by Lars J Nilsson.


Based on an interdisciplinary investigation of future visions, scenarios, and case-studies of low carbon innovation taking place across economic domains, Decarbonising Economies analyses the ways in which questions of agency, power, geography and materiality shape the conditions of possibility for a low carbon future. It explores how and why the challenge of changing our economies are variously ascribed to a lack of finance, a lack of technology, a lack of policy and a lack of public engagement, and shows how the realities constraining change are more fundamentally tied to the inertia of our existing high carbon society and limited visions for what a future low carbon world might become. Through showcasing the first seeds of innovation seeking to enable transformative change, Decarbonising Economies will also chart a course for future research and policy action towards our climate goals. This title is also available as Open Access on Cambridge Core.

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