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An article on art & the plastic crisis in Global Sustainability


Ekaterina Chertkovskaya has co-authored an article in Global Sustainability journal, titled 'Making visible, rendering obscure: reading the plastic crisis through contemporary artistic visual representations'.

It was written together with Karl Holmberg, Moa Petersén, Johannes Stripple and Sara Ullström from Political Science, Arts and Cultural Sciences and LUCSUS. 

The abstract is available below and the full article here (open access).


Modern society without plastics is difficult to imagine. Yet the global plastic system is linked to a multitude of problems of a scope that is hard to grasp and address. In short, we are facing a plastic crisis. This article explores the role of art in stimulating critical reflection about plastics and analyses how it contributes to making the plastic crisis increasingly visible. Plastic-related artworks mostly focus on ocean pollution and do not pay due attention to other aspects of the plastic crisis. At the same time, they creatively communicate clear and emotionally charged messages. Art has the potential to play an important role in coming to grips with the plastic crisis if it succeeds in adopting a broader understanding of the problem.