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Conflicting expectations on carbon dioxide utilisation


Ellen Palm and Alexandra Nikoleris published a new article titled "Conflicting expectations on carbon dioxide utilisation" in Technology Analysis and Strategic Management. The abstract is available below and the full article can be found here (open access).

To utilise carbon dioxide as a resource rather than treating it only as a polluting greenhouse gas is gaining increased attention. Expectations on the future capabilities of technologies that could make utilisation of carbon dioxide possible are currently raised in scientific literature. These are in important ways shaping the development process by defining what is possible and desirable to develop. Building on sociology of expectations, we show how some of these expectations are in conflict. The most notable expectation of carbon dioxide utilisation is that it will contribute to mitigation of climate change, but at the same time there are conflicting expectations regarding suitable applications, requirements on feedstock and energy use, and how the concept should be framed in relation to other technologies. These conflicting expectations show how different types of actions are encouraged, and how technologies related to seemingly similar goals could result in very different levels of greenhouse gas emissions and thereby climate change impact.