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Final programme meeting of REINVENT


The REINVENT research programme finishes on 30 November, after four years of work funded under the Horizon 2020 framework and led by IMES. 

On 19 November the project team met digitally to celebrate the very fruitful time together. Research outcomes from 2020 were discussed, including the book on decarbonisation, the Rough Planet Guide to Notterdam and policy insights. This was followed by reflection on modelling and narrative pathways, which were at the core of REINVENT’s interdisciplinary work.

There was also a general reflection on the project, from intellectual highlights to memorable moments shared together. Various ideas on how the themes brought up by REINVENT could be fostered were in the room, too, so we hope for many different possibilities to work together with colleagues in the future.

The insights from REINVENT can be found on its website: