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Jens Portinson Hylander's PhD thesis defense


On Friday 21 January (10am) Jens Portinson Hylander, PhD student at IMES, will defend his PhD thesis, titled "Constructing transit corridors: The politics of public transport policy and planning in Malmöhus and Skåne 1970 – 2020". 

In a historical case study, Jens analyzes how public transport policy and planning have developed over the last fifty years, and how so-called transit corridors – infrastructure and resources concentrated to few, but attractive corridors in a city or a region – have come to dominate the policies and planning practices of public transport governance.

The thesis shows how the organization of decision-making, planning practices, and the spatial and technological configuration of public transport in Malmöhus and Skåne have been sites of an ongoing struggle between political actors and levels for influence over ideas and resources. The analysis offers a new understanding of the fundamental values and processes of public transport policy and planning, and the conflicts that arise when values and organizations collide in the search for efficient, equitable and sustainable mobility. 

The PhD defense will be streamed via Zoom. The access code is 189815.

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