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Welcome Hannes!


Hannes Sonnsjö will be at IMES as a doctoral student until fall 2024 in a project financed by the Swedish Energy Agency on “The political dimensions of electricity - distribution in a future electrified and climate neutral energy system”. Get to know him through three quick questions:

  1. What brings you to IMES?

I have been following the work at IMES for many years and have had the pleasure of working closely with several of the staff in my previous position as an analyst at the Swedish Defence Research Agency. Bengt Johansson, who is now my supervisor, was also at the Agency by that time and we share several field of interests including the political and institutional aspects of energy transitions and to some degree also the issue of energy security – in a broader meaning. 

  1. What is your background?

I have a MSc in Environmental Management and Economics from the School of Law and Economics at Gothenburg University, but i see myself first and foremost as a political/social scientist with an interest in topics such as good governance, political economy, market design and regulatory/institutional aspects. 

  1. What motivates you to work on/with/within the field of energy transition in general and the electrification in particular?

From a personal perspective, energy is closely related to climate change, the biggest challenge of our time, and I want to contribute, if only by a small portion, to a world where we move away from our dependency on fossil fuels. From a more academic perspective, energy is at the core of our modern society and it is merely impossible to look at the topic from only one angle. It challenges me to understand not only the political aspects, which I am used to analyzing, but also to some extent the technical dimension. This is why I appreciate the working environment at IMES with its cross disciplinary approach and the diversity of academic background among the staff.