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Welcome Sylvia!


Sylvia Haus is a new postdoc at IMES. Get to know her through three quick questions:

What brings you to Lund?

IMES is an exciting multidisciplinary environment, and it is a great advantage to be a member of a research group where issues related to energy and environment are the focus of research.

What is your background?

I hold a M.Sc. in Biomathematics and completed my Ph.D. in Energy and Building Technology at Linnaeus University this year. The research topic of my Ph.D. project was to assess the climate impact of the sustainable use of forest biomass in energy and material systems from a life cycle perspective. Next to that, I worked as a project manager for the Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden and focused on energy system studies of small-scale CHP plants.

My major research focuses on the performance of system analyses to assess the climate impact of biomass-based energy- and material systems from a dynamic life cycle perspective. I have experiences in dynamic modeling and system analyses of large scale data as well as computational methods and simulation studies.

What motivates you to work on biofuels and sustainability?

Global warming, the energy crisis, the end of oil… There are many reasons why we should consider more environmentally friendly and bio-based solutions to satisfy the current energy and fuel consumption and the transition to a fossil free transport system is one of the big challenges where I want to be part of.