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Welcome Valentin!


Valentin Vogl is a new PhD student at IMES. Get to know him through three quick questions:

What brings you to Lund?

I have had IMES on my radar for quite a while and when the opportunity turned up to do research here I immediately plunged in.

What is your background?

I completed bachelor and master studies in chemical and process engineering at Graz University of Technology. Next to that I investigated hydrogen generation and storage systems as part of the Fuel Cell Research group at the university. I also spent half a year specialising in renewables and environmental science at Aalto University in Finland. 

What motivates you to work on decarbonisation of the steel industry?

In a low-carbon society all sectors must do their bit. While I feel change is already under way for transportation and the energy sector, the heavy industry must also be taken into account when wanting to satisfy emission targets. I'm passionate about contributing in this area in order to facilitate the transition.