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On Friday 21 January (10am) Jens Portinson Hylander, PhD student at IMES, will defend his PhD thesis, titled "Constructing transit corridors: The politics of public transport policy and planning in Malmöhus and Skåne 1970 –...[more]


Pål Börjesson has a new project approved, titled 'The role of bioenergy to achieve energy and climate goals – an assessment of a changeable function in a dynamic energy system'. It is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency,...[more]


André Månberger has co-authored a new report with Daria Ivleva and Julia Kirr (both from adelphi). It is titled  'A game changing? The geopolitics of decarbonisation through the lens of trade'.  Summary Trade...[more]


Malin Aldenius has a new co-authored working paper out, as part of K2 working paper series. It is titled 'Innovation through competition or collaboration? A survey of customers' views on opportunities and limitations in public...[more]


Projektet 'Systemperspektiv på svensk produktion av biojetbränslen' har genomförts 2019-2021 inom Energimyndighetens program 'Hållbara biobränslen för flyg' (projektnummer 48429-1).Projektgruppen har bestått av Karin Ericsson...[more]


We have a PhD vacancy on Sustainable Steel Transitions, connected to the research programme 'Analysis of framework conditions for a steel transition in the EU and globally' (funded by the Swedish Energy Agency). Deadline: 6...[more]


Lovisa Björnsson, Malin Pettersson and Pål Börjesson have a new article out, co-authored with Peter Ottosson and Christer Gustavsson. It has been published in Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments and is...[more]


Fredric Bauer and Lars J Nilsson, together with Teis Hansen (University of Copenhagen), have a new article out in Resources, Conservation and Recycling journal, titled 'Assessing the feasibility of archetypal transition pathways...[more]


Fredric Bauer writes together with co-author Tobias Nielsen in The Conversation about the recent trend of record investments in new fossil based production of plastics and other petrochemicals, a growing threat to the climate....[more]


Valentin Vogl has a new article published today in Joule, co-authored with Olle Olsson and Björn Nykvist from Stockholm Environment Institute. In the paper titled ‘Phasing out the blast furnace to meet global climate targets’,...[more]


Karin Ericsson has a new article out in Energies journal, titled 'Potential for the Integrated Production of Biojet Fuel in Swedish Plant Infrastructures'. Link to the article on the website of Energies Abstract Replacing...[more]


Is ethanol better for the climate than fossil fuels? See a true or false interview about ethanol with Pål Börjesson on SVT. Link to the interview on SVT's website[more]


Pål Börjesson has a new co-authored article out in Communications Earth & Environment, titled 'Strategic deployment of riparian buffers and windbreaks in Europe can co-deliver biomass and environmental...[more]


Jamil Khan and Bengt Johansson, together with Roger Hildingsson (Political Science, LU) have just published a new article in Environmental Policy and Governance, titled 'Strategies for greening the economy in three Nordic...[more]


Lars J Nilsson has a new article out in Energy and Climate Change journal, co-authored with Chris Bataille and Frank Jotzo. The article is titled 'Industry in a net-zero emissions world: New mitigation pathways, new supply...[more]


On Friday 15 October (from 10.15) Malin Aldenius defends her PhD thesis, titled 'Steering green buses – The opportunities and challenges of introducing renewable fuel in public transport'.  Malin's opponent is docent...[more]


Max Åhman, together with colleagues Julian Nowag and Luis Mundaca, have a new article out, titled 'Phasing out fossil fuel subsidies in the EU? Exploring the role of state aid rules'. It was published in Climate...[more]


On 26 August many of us got together to mark the beginning of the semester. We started from a tour of Brunnhögstorg, a new residential area under construction in Lund, which was followed by cakes, quiz and, finally, an...[more]


Nelly Garcia Gonzalez has a new co-authored article out in Green Chemistry journal, titled 'Biobased aliphatic polyesters from a spirocyclic dicarboxylate monomer derived from levulinic acid'. Link to the article on Green...[more]


Möjligheterna att integrera utvinning av bioolja i befintlig kraftvärmeproduktion har studerats i ett forskningssamarbete mellan LTH, Karlstads Universitet och Kraftringen Energi. Den 9 september 2021, kl. 10.00 - 11.30, kommer...[more]