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Hannes Sonnsjö will be at IMES as a doctoral student until fall 2024 in a project financed by the Swedish Energy Agency on “The political dimensions of electricity - distribution in a future electrified and climate neutral energy...[läs mer]


André Månberger has co-written an article in NyTeknik, which suggests 5 concrete measures on reducing the waste of critical metals. Read the full article (in Swedish).[läs mer]


Jamil Khan has, together with colleagues Robert Hrelja and Fredrik Pettersson-Löfstedt, published an article in the Case Studies on Transport Policy journal, with the title "Increasing public transport patronage:...[läs mer]


Oscar Svensson has a new article out in Energy Research & Social Science, titled "The matter of energy emerges: Bridging the divide between conflicting conceptions of energy resources". See the abstract below...[läs mer]


Flera forskare från IMES har skrivit en debattartikel som publicerats hos Ny Teknik. Artikeln pekar på behovet av att industrins klimatomställning tar fart. Tre viktiga områden är att politiskt främja gröna investeringar i den...[läs mer]


Alexandra Nikoleris is involved in a new podcast, which is devoted to exploring the role of culture in transition to a fossil-free world. The first episode is a conversation between Alexandra and Jakob Hultcrantz Hansson,...[läs mer]


Jens Portinson Hylander has written a chapter on public transport for this new book on fossil free Sweden (in Swedish). Read more about the book here: [läs mer]


Nelly Garcia Gonzalez, together with colleagues Raffaella Suriano and Stefano Turri, has a new article out in the Journal of Polymers and the Environment, titled 'Environmental Profile and Technological Validation of New High-Tg...[läs mer]


The REINVENT research programme finishes on 30 November, after four years of work funded under the Horizon 2020 framework and led by IMES.  On 19 November the project team met digitally to celebrate the very fruitful time...[läs mer]


Bengt Johansson presented a report on the evaluation of low-carbon transitions (based on the work of REINVENT) at the European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum. The Forum was organised by the Finnish Environmental...[läs mer]


Malin Aldenius has co-authors an article in Research in Transportation Economics, titled 'Flexibility in contract design - is that possible?'. You can read the abstract below and the full article...[läs mer]


Jamil Khan kommer att medverka vid Klimatforum Västerbotten som är en konferens med fokus på klimatomställning i regioner och kommuner. Konferensen pågår 5 november kl 10-15 och kan följas live (ingen anmälan behövs). Det är även...[läs mer]


We are glad to announce a PhD vacancy at IMES. The PhD candidate will be connected to the research programme ”Mistra Geopolitics: Navigating towards a secure and sustainable future” ( The programme...[läs mer]


Ekaterina Chertkovskaya took part in 'We've had enough' – a documentary film directed by Alexandra Schneider. It was broadcasted on 12 August on 3Sat, a public TV channel jointly funded by Austria, Germany and Switzerland. You...[läs mer]


The research paper co-authored by IMES's Ekaterina Chertkovskaya has been covered in Extract magazine. The article by Extract interviews two of the paper's co-authors – Karl Holmberg (Political Science) and Moa Petersén (Cultural...[läs mer]


Malin Pettersson, Lovisa Björnsson and Pål Börjesson have a new article in Biomass and Energy journal, titled 'Recycling of ash from co-incineration of waste wood and forest fuels: An overlooked challenge in a circular bioenergy...[läs mer]


Ett gigantiskt plastlapptäcke i dova färger, en drömsk skulptur med 28 engångsartiklar ingjutna i plastblock, och materialprover av socker, träd och alger. Utomhusutställningen, Materiality & Aggregation, ett samarbete...[läs mer]


Jamil Khan, together with eight other researchers, have written a debate article on the need for a comprehensive strategy to reach a sustainable transport system. The article is a reply to another debate article which...[läs mer]


Ellen Palm and Alexandra Nikoleris published a new article titled "Conflicting expectations on carbon dioxide utilisation" in Technology Analysis and Strategic Management. The abstract is available below and the full...[läs mer]


Jamil Khan and Fredrik Pettersson-Löfstedt have published a chapter in the new anthology "Shaping Smart Mobility Futures: Governance and Policy Instruments in times of Sustainability Transitions". The chapter is titled...[läs mer]

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