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Mikael Lantz was interviewed on TV4 news on 28 January, in an episode on biogas. The episode can be found here and starts around 26:01: [läs mer]


Mariësse van Sluisveld is a new postdoc at IMES. Get to know her through three quick questions:[läs mer]


Ekaterina Chertkovskaya, together with colleagues Max Koch (Social Work) and Alexander Paulsson (Business Administration) published an opinion piece on degrowth in Sydsvenskan, which is available here. Titled "Jämställ inte...[läs mer]


Jens Hylander was interviewed for a media article on transport, titled "Vi skulle inte kunna åka hem utan bil", which was was published in Aftonbladet and several other outlets. The article is available here.[läs mer]


New report on decarbonisation pathways was published within the REINVENT project, led by Clemens Schneider. It describes deep decarbonisation pathways for the steel, plastics and pulp & paper sectors. These pathways explore...[läs mer]


Jamil Khan has published the article ”Sustainable Welfare in Swedish Cities: Challenges of Eco-Social Integration in Urban Sustainability Governance” in the journal Sustainability. The article is...[läs mer]


Valentin Vogl, Ekaterina Chertkovskaya and Oscar Svensson have contributed to the Green New Deal for Europe, a blueprint document devoted to Europe's just transition developed by a coalition of scholars, thinktanks and...[läs mer]


Fredric Bauer presenterade delar av forskningen från programmet STEPS i ett föredrag med titeln ”Plastskam, plastskatt eller plastförbud?” på ett seminarium arrangerat av tankesmedjan Global Utmaning och Finlandsinstitutet. På...[läs mer]


Ekaterina Chertkovskaya was interviewed for Extrakt magazine about the concept of degrowth – what it means, what kind of society it envisions, as well as the political barriers faced by growth-critical thinking.  The full...[läs mer]


Nelly Garcia Gonzalez, together with colleagues from the STEPS project, has published a paper in ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, titled "Synthesis, Life Cycle Assessment, and Polymerization of a Vanillin-Based...[läs mer]


Ongoing expansion of renewable energy increases the demand for metals such as lithium, cobalt and rare earths. The geopolitical aspects of the increased metal demand is summarised in a new policy brief by Bengt Johansson and...[läs mer]


Nelly Garcia Gonzalez, together with colleagues from the STEPS project, has published a paper in Green Chemistry Journal, titled "A rigid spirocyclic diol from fructose-based HMF: Synthesis, life-cycle assessment, and...[läs mer]


Towards a political economy of degrowth, co-edited by Ekaterina Chertkovskaya (IMES), Alexander Paulsson (FEK/K2) and Stefania Barca (University of Coimbra), has just been published. Fifteen contributions by an international...[läs mer]


The potential of the financial sector to contribute to a sustainable development has been highlighted in recent years, by actors from both the political sphere and within the financial sector. Decarbonizing the economy will on...[läs mer]


Pål Börjesson is interviewed in Naturskyddsföreningen's paper Sveriges Natur on the role of fossil free car fuels in the future. Amongst other things, he stresses the need to drive less: -----------Risk att vi unnar oss åka...[läs mer]


Valentin Vogl and Max Åhman have published a new article in the Journal of Cleaner Production titled "Adopting hydrogen direct reduction for the Swedish steel industry: A technological innovation system (TIS) study"....[läs mer]


Oscar Svensson and Valentin Vogl, together with Johan Rootzén from Gothenburg University and Chalmers, have written a debate article arguing for trade unions to take more action on climate change. Read the full article...[läs mer]


André Månberger (IMES) och Maria-Therese Gustafsson (SU) diskuterar målkonflikter i hållbarutveckling och vad den globala omställningen till förnybar energi innebär för sammahällen och lokalboenden där utvinningen av metaller...[läs mer]


Kulturnyheterna featured the Narrating Climate Futures project yesterday, where Alexandra Nikoleris and other scholars talked about climate change and climate fiction. You can watch it...[läs mer]


Valentin Vogl and Max Åhman have published a new article in the proceedings of ESTAD (European Steel Technology and Application Days), titled "What is green steel? Towards a strategic decision tool for decarbonising EU...[läs mer]

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