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Welcome Mariësse!


Mariësse van Sluisveld is a new postdoc at IMES. Get to know her through three quick questions:

  • What brings you to IMES?

I have been connected to several IMES people via the European H2020 project REINVENT – one bold message on Slack and some persuasion later, some would say I have now joined the better side of the project!

  • What is your background?

In the last 7+ years I have been working with Integrated Assessment Models (computational models that emulate the dynamics of the world and the people living in it) and scenarios on long-term change. These models are generally used to give insights in what it would require to remain aligned to the globally agreed upon climate target of not exceeding temperature increase by 2°C. My work so far has mostly focused on evaluating the rates of change projected by these models by comparing the results to perspectives about past, present and future best practice. I have had the opportunity to do this type of research at Utrecht University, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and will pick this up at IMES too, focusing on decarbonization pathways for industry specifically!

  • What motivates you to work on decarbonization pathways for industry?

 It seems the best possible multi-dimensional conundrum to be spending time on to me!